Four Travel Hacks for Visiting Corfu

While most Americans visiting the Greek islands opt for sceney Mykonos or stunning Santorini, you might want to consider Corfu.  Located in the Ionian sea, Corfu holds its own as a beautiful, relaxing destination.  Here’s a few travel hacks when visiting Corfu.

1) Rent a car.  While there's a reliable bus system here, you'll need your own transportation to efficiently explore Corfu's diverse beaches and mountain towns.  But be skeptical of Google maps here.  I may or may not have taken “roads” into gated off residential homes and narrow harrowing cliff-side dirt roads thanks to our trusty pre-downloaded Google Maps.  

Corfu travel tips and hacks

2) Most importantly, check out Paxos and Anti-Paxos.  Hands down, some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever stepped foot on.  If possible, rent a boat and beach hop.  You’ll probably have to anchor 25 meters from shore at most beaches and swim in for that beer or snack, but it’s totally worth it.  Pro Tip:  Whatever you do, don’t anchor directly in front of Blue Caves.  If you do, you might have to scramble and struggle to bring back up your anchor when a tour boat wants to go inside the cave while the 100 people on the boat point and laugh at your struggles, and you just have to cut the anchor and pay the boat operator another 100 Euros for losing his anchor.  Not speaking from personal experience or anything.

3) Explore the western coast of the island.  The western coast of Corfu has it all:  sandy, endless beaches and secluded, pebble stone beaches; crowded resorts and sleepy beach towns; cute mountain villages with delicious local cuisine and stunning bluffs with sunset views.  Start at Peroulades, near the busy resort of Sidari, or more low-key Rovinia Beach and work your way south from there.  Perhaps chow down on some moussaka at the Sunset Tavern in Krini before checking out Angelokastro castle.  Finish the day with an awesome meal at Thalassa Restaurant and drinks at Robin's Nest, or party and watch the sunset in southwestern Corfu at Halikounas Beach or Issos Beach.

Although, perhaps don't venture too south, because...

4) Whatever you do, just avoid the most southern part of the island.  I'm looking at you, Kavos.  Although, if you happen to be a 19-year old frat boy, then just ignore these hacks completely and spend your entire holiday in Kavos.  


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